Austin Reese

Austin Reese

Co-Owner & Coach



Booze Guru

Guerilla Fitness

About Coach

Austin is a born and raised Nashville native. He played multiple sports throughout high school and his passion for all sports continues today. He studied business at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he began to focus on weightlifting.

Turning Point

Upon moving back to Nashville he found CrossFit, and after 4+ years competing in and judging multiple competitions, he shifted his focus to weight training. He earned his USAW L1 certification in 2019 in preparation for taking on an active coaching role. Austin is our baby wrangling, Mr. Fixit, calming voice, PR week hype man. He’s also a proud dad and supportive husband. Austin coaches and programs our Saturday community classes, during which he enjoys helping people move in different and challenging ways.

Motivation & Passion

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