Marissa Reese

Marissa Reese

Owner & Coach


MS in Exercise and Nutrition



Birthfit Coach

WAG Coach

About Coach

Marissa is a Nashville native whose passion is to help individuals achieve their most powerful, confident, and strongest selves. Her love of fitness led her on a journey through team sports, long-distance running, CrossFit, yoga, and weightlifting.

Turning Point

Going through her own health, weight, and mindset challenges has given her a heart for helping others dealing with similar struggles. Strength training and a balanced nutritional mindset have been the catalysts for positive change in her life and she’s passionate about sharing what she’s learned with her clients.

Motivation & Passion

Marissa has extensive experience in the fitness arena. In addition to being a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, she has taught prenatal yoga, led a ½ marathon training program, and for the past few years has been coaching strength training with her clients. In 2018 as she was preparing to complete her Master's Degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science, Marissa envisioned creating an inclusive fitness community that would allow her to help anyone achieve their health and wellness goals. In 2020 she officially opened the doors to Praxis Strength! Marissa is elated to bring the Praxis to dream to fruition and help people embody their strongest and best self.

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